BACHmosphere live

The LeipJAZZig-Orkestra was founded in 1998 by Stephan König and is formed by 14 jazz soloists. On the first evening of the 2014 Festival, it played jazz adaptions of Bach pieces and compositions by its founder.



Stephan König (ld, p, comp, arr) · Wolfgang Singer (vl) · Christoph Schenker (vc) · Frank Nowicky (fl, alt-sax, ten-sax, cl) · Michael Arnold (ten-sax, alt-sax, sopr-sax, cl) · Henning Plankl (alt-sax, bar-sax, cl, bass-cl) · Michael Breitenbach (sopr-sax, alt-sax) · Frank Bartsch (trp) · Gundolf Nandico (hrn) · Natascha Zickerick (tba) · Frank Kaiser (git) · Wolfram Dix (vib, perc) · Stephan »Grete« Weiser (bg) · Wieland Götze (dr)
special guest: Martin Petzold (vc)