»Der einzige Krebs in meinem Bache...«

Concert in the Summer Hall • 13 October 2013

Johann Ludwig Krebs (1713–1780) was born in a time when music changed: The great era of polyphonic compositions came to an end with the late Baroque period. New styles blazed their trail – coming from the Mannheim and Prussian court. The music of Bach's scholar J. L. Krebs stands between these times.



Sinfony c Minor for 2 violins, viola and Basso continuo

Sonata A Major for violin and piano

Sonata a Minor for 2 Violins and Basso continuo

Sonata (Suite) D Major for flute, violin and Basso continuo

Sinfonia Eb Major for 2 violins, viola and Basso continuo


»Leipzig Concert«: Dóra Ombodi, flute· Daniel Deuter, violin · Anne Kaun, violin · Christine Trinks, viola · Siegfried Pank, violoncello · Eckhart Kuper, piano